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Pad Mount Transformer - Dead-Front Loop Feed

Pad Mount transformer

A pad-mount transformer is an electric power distribution transformer designed for groundmounted installation. Housed within a locked steel cabinet situated on a concrete pad, this transformer is commonly used in urban distribution systems. Its compact design makes it suitable for confined spaces. The fully sealed structure not only ensures maintenance-free operation but also prioritizes reliable protection for personal safety. These transformers, with power ratings ranging from approximately 500 to 10,000 kVA, play a crucial role in stepping down primary voltage on underground distribution lines to a lower secondary voltage supplied to utility customers.

Discover our innovative pad-mount transformers, ideal for urban distribution systems. Our compact design ensures efficiency in confined spaces. With a fully sealed structure, these transformers guarantee maintenance-free operation, prioritizing reliable protection for personal safety. Benefit from double fuse protection, including a temperature and current-sensitive plug-in bayonet fuse, effectively shielding against short circuit faults on the secondary side. Explore our cutting-edge solutions for efficient and secure power distribution.

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  • Designed for urban distribution systems with a compact footprint
  • Fully sealed for maintenance-free operation, ensuring reliable personal safety.
  • Features double fuse protection, employing a plug-in bayonet fuse that is temperature and current-sensitive, safeguarding against short circuit faults on the secondary side of the box transformer.

Advantages of
Pad Mount Transformer

  • Compact Design: Their compact design makes pad-mount transformers well-suited for urban distribution systems and locations with limited space
  • Safety: The transformers are fully sealed, providing reliable protection for personal safety. The grounded metal housing securely encloses all energized connection points
  • Flexibility in Installation: Pad-mount transformers can be ground-mounted, providing flexibility in installation. The concrete pad provides a stable foundation for the transformer
  • Secondary Voltage Adjustment: They play a crucial role in stepping down primary voltage on underground distribution lines to a lower secondary voltage, meeting the specific voltage requirements for utility customers.
  • Ease of Repair and Maintenance: The use of elbow connectors for primary power cables allows for flexibility in repair and maintenance, even when the system is energized, contributing to ease of maintenance.

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